Odd Sympathies (something just happened to me) (2005)

Performed by a diverse cast of seven dancer/vocalists, Odd Sympathies (something just happened to me) features the talents of former Blue Man Group composer Bradford Reed, and NEA award-winning poet Catie Rosemurgy.

Through dance and song, the Odd Sympathies expresses American stories about acts of kindness in the absence of family ties. Dancer shared their narratives of unexpected altruism with poet Catie Rosemurgy, who then rendered them into lyrical text that ultimately shaped the choreographic arc of the production. This collaborative process was furthered by the creation of a dynamic score performed live by composer/musician Bradford Reed, musicians Geoff Gersh, Ranjit Arapurakal and Hanna Fox, and the dancers.

Produced with funding and support from The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, the Trust for Mutual Understanding, the American Music Centre’s Live Music for Dance Program, and the Duncan Centre Conservatory, Prague, CZ. 

Photography: Dagi Dagon


Choreography: Julia M. Ritter
Sound Score: Bradford Reed
Text: Catie Rosemurgy

Dancers: Daniel Clifton, Aaron Draper, Marybeth Eibeler, Dee Dee Mayland, Kasumi Nakamura, Irazema Rivera, Julia M. Ritter
Musicians: Ranjit Arapurakal, Hanna Fox, Geoff Gersh, Bradford Reed
Costumes: Naoko Nagata

Performances in 2005: Danspace Project, St. Mark’s Church
Performances in 2006: Contempo Dance Festival, Prague, Czech Republic, and The State Theater of NJ, New Brunswick, New Jersey

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